STEMroller is the home of the LoCoRo project - a low-cost robot for students, hobbyists, educators and research. The LoCoRo project was created to deliver an affordable robot, capable of teleop and autonomous operations.

The entire project is open source and everyone is free to use the resources to build, program, and customize their own LoCoRo.

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The LoCoRo

The LoCoRo is meant to satisfy the needs of high school, university, & advanced degree students, hobbyists, and educators interested in teaching robotics or STEM. Building and coding a small robot brings together mechanics, electronics, science principles, mathematics, and software coding. Researchers will find the LoCoRo a capable platform for studying environmental sensing and autonomous operations. The LoCoRo is not just a teaching robot. It is also well suited for grassroots competition and hobbyists.

The LocoRo comes in two versions: ROS and Python. Both versions use the same hardware and electronics. The ROS version uses the Robot Operating System and has been created for those interested in advanced robotics, autonomous robots, and research. The Python version has been created for high schools students, educators, hobbyists, and individuals wanting to learn programming Python with a physical robot.

The basic LoCoRo can be built for $50 and $70. Adding a wide ranged of sensors to the LoCoRo and it is still is less than $100 (USD) to build.

From the very start, the LoCoRo is capable of user controlled teleop and simple autonomous operations.

Every part of the LoCoRo project is open source - the documentation, 3D printable designs, and sample code. All of this material is just to get you started. Where you take your LoCoRo is up to you!

Status - we have launch!

Check out the Instructions at the top of this page. The project has launched with all of the instructions to build your own LoCoRo. Everything you need to build a LoCoRo is available from popular local and internet shopping sites. Feel free to use the 3D printable parts designs or create your own LoCoRo design. If there is enough interest, kits will be made available.

What's Next

The next phase will be to develop exercises and challenges for the LoCoRo. Based on the survey data, the next few months will focus on the Python LoCoRo ecosystem.

If you have not filled out the survey, we would still like to hear from you. Just visit the questionnaire and tell us what you are interested in.

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